Make Yourself Virus Free While Going To Bank To Help Nation

As bankers are in direct touch with their customer so its necessary that they take care of few basic things to fight with corona and win this long battle initial this step will feel hectic but if you will implement these steps daily they become part of operations and will protect your family.
Note: For the Banking Community we are Providing Home-Made Three Layer Mask to the employee so if you need one please provide yours basic details. 


  • Sanitize Your Bank When You Open It

  • Try to sanitize these basic things in Bank
  1. Keyboard
  2. Mouse
  3. Monitor
  4. Table
  5. Chair
  6. Bank Gate
  7. Cash Counter
  8. Bank Gate
  9. Bank Chain
  10. Customer Bench
  11. Mobile Phone
Again sanitize these items when you leave your bank.

Don’t forget to clean the floor on the daily basis.

  • Mike Facility
Arrange a mike so that customer won’t come to gate that will help in maintaining Social Distance.

  • While Distributing Vouchers To Public
Said People to make a line and you could say each and everyone to wash their hand line by line before distributing voucher that make less chance to infecting the voucher that you are going to receive.
Said Illiterate People to stay where they are and said to random one to fill voucher of Each and Every Illiterate so that they won’t roam around.

When person come for sign or thumb impression then you could say for Hand Wash and after Hand-Wash provide them sanitizer as the people don’t wash you 20 seconds so this second step will try to protect you from the virus.
While Collecting Adhaar Copies and Applications From Customers
A study from research says that virus could survive for 5 days on paper so you could say the customer to put the Adhaar copy and Applications in a folder stay at a table and ask customer for come after 5 days for Adhaar seeding or other Work.

  • While Receiving Cash from Customer
Please be remembering as your notes are sanitized but the customer bring the notes to the bank may be infected and can harm to staff and other customer. So please avoid general cash receiving else put these note separate from other notes.

  • Essential Parts To Cover while Interacting with Customer
Head – Please cover your head and Avoid Touching your Hair.
Hands – Use Gloves while receiving vouchers and counting notes. Please be remember don’t touch mask with hand or gloves on as your hand/gloves can infect your mask.
Neck - Please be Insure to cover your neck.
Eyes - Be Remember to cover your eyes with spectacles.

You should not lower your mask for Eating/ Drinking. If you want to eat or drink something please wash your hands then remove mask and after drinking/ eating wear your mask again.

8. Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

1. Do Workout/ Yoga on daily basis.
2. Sleep at least for 8 hours.
3. Eat more garlic
4. Drink Luke warm turmeric milk.
5. Have Sun Bath for at-least 1 hour.
6. Regular tea is good
7. Have yogurt for breakfast
8. Laugh a little (or a lot)

Keep Remember These Basic Points

1.  Avoid Newspaper, Use Alternate as E-Newspaper etc.
2. Use three layer home-made cloth masks instead of normal mask.
3. Please don’t touch your mask with hands frequently.
4. Use cloth to cover the head and avoid touching hair.
5. Use gloves for cover the hand and make sure to hand wash as you put gloves off.
6. Try to sanitize the area near you.
7. Avoid touching any paper/ material while outside, if so don’t forget to clean your hands.
8. While washing your hand please rub your hands for at-least 20 seconds.
9. Wash Hand frequently as possible at-least once in 20 minutes.
10. Avoid touching your Noise, Ear, Eyes and Ear if so wash your hand
11. Don’t touch General Store (Kirana) items, Fruits, Vegetables while purchasing.
12. Put the items in outer area for at-least 24 Hour before use.
13. Wash Vegetables and fruits after wash in Luke warm salt water/ Warm Vinegar Water
14. Make at-least 2 meter Social Distance.
15. Avoid contact with any person coughing/ Sneezing.
16. Doesn’t Use Coin for transaction process.
17. Please Be Careful while Accepting Rupee Notes and use Digital Mediums.
18. Please avoid Spitting at public place.
19. Please put outside pair of shoes used for outer areas.
20. Please Change the cloth wears while travelling.
21. Please Take a Bath before interacting with anyone in Family.

Note: For the Banking Community we are providing Home-Made Three Layer Mask to the Warriors so if you need one please provide yours basic details.