How To Keep Yourself Virus Free While Travelling/ Going Office

Note: We are Providing Home-Made Three Layer Mask to the #CoronaWarriors. So Please Provide Us Your Contact Details.

  1. Avoid Newspaper, Use Alternate as E-Newspaper etc.
  2. Use three layer home-made cloth masks instead of normal mask.
  3. Please don’t touch your mask with hands frequently.
  4. Use cloth to cover the head and avoid touching hair.
  5. Use gloves for cover the hand and make sure to hand wash as you put gloves off.
  6. Try to sanitize the area near you.
  7. Avoid touching any paper/ material while outside, if so don’t forget to clean your hands.
  8. While washing your hand please rub your hands for at-least 20 seconds.
  9. Wash Hand frequently as possible at-least once in 20 minutes.
  10. Avoid touching your Noise, Ear, Eyes and Ear if so wash your hand
  11. Don’t touch General Store (Kirana) items, Fruits, Vegetables while purchasing.
  12. Put the items in outer area for at-least 24 Hour before use.
  13. Wash Vegetables and fruits after wash in Luke warm salt water/ Warm Vinegar Water
  14. Make at-least 2 meter Social Distance.
  15. Avoid contact with any person coughing/ Sneezing.
  16. Doesn’t Use Coin for transaction process.
  17. Please Be Careful while Accepting Rupee Notes and use Digital Mediums.
  18. Please avoid Spitting at public place.
  19. Please put outside pair of shoes used for outer areas.
  20. Please Change the cloth wears while travelling.
  21. Please Take a Bath before interacting with anyone in Family.

Note: We are Providing Home-Made Three Layer Mask to the #CoronaWarriors. So Please Provide Us Your Contact Details.

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